44spaces is a young, urban design studio and manufactury in Berlin

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I am Susanne Müller, an architect & media designer and owner of my design studio and manufactory 44spaces .

But first: What is 44spaces about?

Local design
44spaces is a design manufactory in the heart of Berlin. Most of our designs are developed, handcrafted and shipped by us – all at our studio in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg. Since 2005, we’ve been creating art, accessories and home décor centered on our creative passion for city maps & skylines, as well as bold slogans & quotes.

Urban, functional gifts
44spaces combines our love of globetrotting and smart, functional design items. The product range spans from home accessories like art prints and pillows to small gift ideas like key chains, breakfast boards, reflective ribbons for cycling, candles, money boxes, lanterns and much more. Our creative accessories and cultural souvenirs make perfect gifts for local patriots, globetrotters and urban nomads.

Sustainability - Made in Germany
44spaces stands for handcrafted designs, most of which are made at our own studio here in Berlin. Whenever we have to outsource our production, we prioritize working with small local businesses.
Some of our product lines are made in renowned workshops for people with disabilities and small craft businesses based in and around Berlin. This is not only a decision based on our values of sustainable production, but also on practicalities like having personal, direct contact to our suppliers.

A few words about me:

I finished my studies in architecture in 1993 and moved to Berlin during the construction boom shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. After working in architecture for almost 10 years, I started exploring other interests and acquiring new skills. This path led me to becoming a trained Feng Shui consultant and graphic & media designer.

In 2005, the dots started connecting. After participating in a screen printing workshop, I was inspired to start creating my own motifs. My love for cities and globetrotting led to the making of my first design accessories, featuring the skylines of Berlin, Vienna and New York. These products became so popular that I ended up designing and selling over 60 national & international cities.

Since 2017, my main area of interest has shifted to creating city maps. It all started with my fascination for Google Maps and the allure of diving into the street mazes of foreign and familiar cities. I developed and refined a technique to create my own maps. This allowed me to add a whole new dimension to my interest in cities and landmarks. I love exploring new corners of the world whilst doing this work. There are still so many places left to discover!

The common denominator in all our products is my fascination for the tension between home and cosmopolitanism, between familiarity and wanderlust.