Reflex Strap

Design Reflex Strap
Must-Have Urban Outdoor Cycling Accessories - Cool basic equipment for more safety for city cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts for jogging, hiking, walking, cycling, skiing, backpack, school bag, suitcase tag. Colourful protective band for more visibility is for all those who love their trousers when cycling and want to protect them from chain grease.

  • Material. Reflective PVC fabric film, colourfully printed
  • Closure. High quality red velcro fastener
  • Universal size. 44 mm x 440 mm
  • Handmade. Manufactured in Berlin in cooperation with a sheltered workshop for people with disabilities

Easy handling and comfortable fit with generous red velcro fastener. Whether used as a trouser protection, chain guard or for better visibility, the colourful reflective band fits your wrist, ankle, arm or leg. For prams, cyclists, city conquerors... as a useful birthday present, new bike, start of school...or just for fun.

The reflective fabric is printed in bright, colourful colours and is held in place with bright red, high-quality Velcro tape. You will find many more attractive motifs in the category ""On the road"". The reflective tape can be individually printed in larger quantities and is therefore suitable as a marketing article, advertising medium and company gift.

Of course, the City Reflex trouserband is conceivable for many other occasions. Just to name a few: student exchange semester start marathon move move travel...
And colleagues are happy about this beautiful accessory: bosses, teachers, teachers, educators, runners, joggers, friends, family, high school graduates, birthday children, sister, brother and many more.

44spaces stands for handmade original gift ideas from your favourite places. Our modern and timelessly beautiful products with clear shapes and colours are perfect as gifts for many occasions or just for fun.


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Items 1 - 30 of 40