Perfect when its cold outside...

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Perfect when its cold outside... - Enamel City Mug 9CE

Winter, falling snow & hot chocolate!
Sit in the warmth inside and dream of the world outside. Now when the nights are getting longer, the temperatures is falling and the first snowflakes are blinking from the sky - the perfect time has arrived to open a book and drink hot chocolate.

For this calm moments we recommend our brandnew Enamel City Mug 9CE which comes with nine differnet skylines on one cup.
Skylines. Berlin, London, Vienna - New York, Paris, San Francisco - Sydney, Tokyo, Frankfurt

Our recipe for chocolics.
250 ml  milk
150 ml  cream
75 g  black chocolade, finely chopped
1   vanilla bean slitted
2 TL  sugar
1   cinnamon stick to stir
evtl.  crated chocolate or cocoa or cream on top

Heat the milk, cream, chocolate, vanilla bean, sugar slowly in a pot. Wait until the chocolate is melted and stir until creamy. Fill it in our mug and decorate with crated chocolate or cocoa or cream.

Emailletasse 9CE by 44spaces

Enamel City Mug 9CE, 44spaces

Size 450 ml