44spaces. Find handmade & timeless gifts with modern city map & skyline prints

44spaces brand is dedicated to travellers and city lovers and all those who are looking for timeless pieces which encapsulate a special place and memory.

44spaces offers beautiful items with skyline prints for design aficionados, urban nomads, globetrotter, friends who have left and friends who stayed back home… to remember and against disremembering … and of course for your own pleasure.

44spaces clean and minimal items combine the comforts of home with cosmopolitan flair and fulfill the emotional need between the familiar and far-away places. So 44spaces basic concept could be called urban design for city lovers.

44spaces — currently you find more than 60 stylised silhouettes from Europe & all around the world - and a broad range of products covering accessories, gifts, design items and cultural souvenirs for globetrotters and urban nomads.

44spaces stylised skylines adorn key fobs made of felt or bicycle tubes, colourful breakfast boards and home accessories such as candles, wall hangers and cushions and many other items.

44spaces not only in terms of design, but also in terms of materials and workmanship. Manufactured in our studio or closely with smaller craft businesses and respected local workshops for the disabled.

44spaces loves to combine architecture, travel and handcrafted things to create unique design products and gifts with stylized city maps and skylines from all over the world.

44spaces means urban design with function and a statement, designed & crafted in Berlin/-Kreuzberg.

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